martes, 22 de agosto de 2017

Pauline Oliveros ‎"Crone Music" (Lovely Music, Ltd., 1990)

Uno de mis discos favoritos de Pauline Oliveros, aunque no es de los más conocidos.
"As a musician I'm interested in the sensual nature of sound, its power of release and change. In my performances throughout the world I try to transmit to the audience the way I'm experiencing sound as I hear it and play it in a style that I will call DEEP LISTENING. Deep listening is listening in every possible way to everything possible to hear no matter what you are doing. Such intense listening includes the sounds of daily life, of nature, of one's own thoughts as well as musical sounds. Deep listening is my life practice."

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3 comentarios:

Iñigo dijo...

Gracias por la recomendación! Supongo que tendrás controlado el Deep Listening (el disco digo), una maravilla, flipante cómo lo grabaron. Ojo a esto que editaron el año pasado (Pauline con Wadada Leo S., Roscoe Mitchell y John Tilbury)
Descanse en paz!

Manel dijo...

"Deep Listening" clásico del flote. El otro no lo conocía, le daré. Con ese plantel seguro que rascamos algo!

Un abrazo, Iñigus

Anónimo dijo...

thanks for your dedication , any chance of a re-up ?