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C-Schulz "4. Film Ton" (Extreme, 1992)

"4. Film Ton has a filmic quality that creates vivid images of mystery and intrigue. Unlike most sound tracks which rely heavily on the visuals, the music by C-SCHULZ creates its own narrative which carries the listener on an enthralling journey. “Pforte”, the reworking of “Il Portiere di Notte”, (The Night Porter), a song written by Danielle Paris as the theme for the film directed by Liliana Cavani, is a highlight of this evocative album.
C-SCHULZ is a classically trained oboeist who has branched into electronic instruments in the tradition of the renowned German artists of the 60’s, namely CAN, CLUSTER, NEU and STOCKHAUSEN. CHRISTOPH KAHSE is a pianist of mutual ability and intent who has worked previously with C-SCHULZ on other singles projects. “4. Film Ton” represents a major collaboration in composition and musical ideas to achieve a seamless
self-contained album.
The ability of “4. Film Ton” to draw the listener inside the music is a rare event, unfolding on many levels with repeated listenings. “4. Film Ton” is a seductive and imaginative experience."

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