jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Bruce Russell

Bruce Russell (The Dead C), 2006:

"I guess my general position is that music is just a specialized subset of noise
and one of my problems with the Western tradition of music is that it tends to
overvalue music, which is just organized noise -- noised organized according to
certain generally accepted rules. I don't necessarily think that that's better
than just noise. This is nothing new. It certainly goes back to John Cage or
whoever. You can stick outside of what people call music and still express
yourself as an artform by using sound more audibly conceived and I guess that's
sort of a fundamental thing that I've been involved in is trying to ruin
people's perception of what music might be or, alternately, getting people to
see that music might be only a small part of what's worth listening to. There's
more to life than just music."

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